For those of us who are nerds it is often hard to decide what we want to do when it comes to a night out. Often places are designed to appeal to sports fans or people who are into mainstream music. But there is hope for us. No matter if you are a gamer, Trekkie or a comic book fan I have a plan for you.

  1. Museums 

This is an excellent choice for a Nerd Night, it allows you and your friends to go through the various exhibits and gain new knowledge about a plethora of subjects. If the museum also has a planetarium the sci-fi fan in you will be stimulated. You get to gaze at the stars as you learn astronomy. Most often feature movies that will stimulate your synapses as you and your friends are educated.

  1. Barcades

Barcades are rapidly becoming a go-to place for fun. Every major city seems to have at least one. I often go to to see where the nearest one is. They normally have a wide selection of video games, one or two areas for board gaming and of course feature a full bar and menu. This is a great interactive experience for you and your friends no matter what you are into.

  1.  Comic Book Stores

Your local comic book store is another great option. These will often have everything that a nerd loves. Of course there are comic books, but there’s so much more. There are toys, games and everything in between. Many will have late-night hours on the weekend where there are tournaments to satisfy you and all of your friends. No matter if you want to play Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh or even play D&D. All of the supplies are normally available. This is a true one stop shop for fun. They sell snacks and drinks and will normally allow you to bring Pizza or whatever your friends are into. Make sure that you check with the manager to see what is allowed. 

  1. House Party

There is nothing as much fun as inviting your friends over for a fun night. You can have an all night movie  marathon in whatever genre you are all into. Or have an all night gaming session. A great opportunity to plan out your next Gloomhaven session or whatever tabletop game that you and your friends love. Go on a site like to see if any of your go-to bars have delivery. Then you can get your favorite bar foods, or possibly drinks depending on your state, delivered to your home. It’s an unmatched opportunity for fun.

  1. Nerd Nite

In many major cities Venues are starting to have monthly Nerd Nites. These feature researchers, scientists and an assortment of other experts. They will normally have multiple speakers who will present their expertise to the masses. Often the venues will change monthly to allow the consumers experience to experience different locations and it stimulates business for the venues because if you like a place you will go back more often. This encourages us to expand our horizons as we discover our new favorite places.

I hope that this gives you at least one good idea for a great Nerd Nite. You can have hours and hours of fun your way. Enjoy.