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Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is probably the most important part of date night – you need to know where to go and what to do. This can seem daunting, but no need to stress out. You and your date should do a nightlife search, using a site like, to help you out with finding a location. This will help you narrow down if you should do a dinner, head to a bar for karaoke, try an escape room experience, or hit some fun activities.

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Shake the Jitters

A lot of times men are taught to be masculine and to have impenetrable shells. Let’s drop that cliche’ for a moment. Pre-date stress or jitters is normal for men and women. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first date or your 536th date with your spouse of 20 years. Most men care about their appearance, their value, to live their best life, and be the best version of themselves. 

You’ve got to have some confidence in yourself, be comfortable in your own skin, and keep  a positive outlook. Also, another simple way to reduce some stress and put your mind at ease is a massage session. This will help you relax and is a great way to kick off getting ready for your date night.

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Grooming is A Must

One of the first things to do in the preparation of getting ready for date night, if you don’t cut your hair or trim your beard, schedule an appointment to get this done a day or two before your date. Getting this done prior to your date night will help you have a clean, natural look on the day of. Also, this will help you focus on getting ready for your date the day of and eliminate some additional stress. Next, let’s talk about skincare.

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Skin care

Skin Care is important – soft skin is touchable skin. Use a moisturizing body wash and face wash when showering. Make sure to apply lotion after getting out of the shower. This will leave you with soft skin and you’ll feel fresh too!

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Shave After Showering

If you prefer going on your date with a fresh shave, do it after showering. The reason is because when you shower, your hair and skin follicles soften up and make shaving easier. While shaving make sure to use a good shave gel or shaving oil to minimize nicks and razor burns. Of course after shaving, you need to make sure to use a moisturizer.

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What to wear?

Before heading out, make sure you have checked out the date night spot on to look at the venue’s photos and description. This will help you to determine what you should wear. No matter the venue, you should wear something that you are comfortable in.  Your outfit speaks volumes about your personality and who you are. 

Footwear is also important on your date night. You need to know if you’ll be standing, sitting, dancing, or walking around on your date night. Even if you won’t be standing or dancing for most of the night, make sure you wear shoes that are comfortable and you can stand in for long periods of time. Wearing comfortable shoes will not only keep you comfortable but will help boost your confidence some more. 

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Conversation Prep

In order to get to know someone, you need to have conversations. If you aren’t really sure what to talk about, look up some conversation starters. These are great to help get the conversation moving and it should flow naturally from there. Be sure not to just talk about yourself, this can make you come off as self-centered. Go into your date with the intention of getting to know your date better.  And as always, be genuine. More details on that below.

be genuine

Impressions can make or break the date. Don’t go into the date emulating someone you are not, be your authentic self. When getting ready and picking your outfit to wear, keep it in line with your style. Be present and listen to your date to get to know them. Make sure to talk about yourself as well and look for shared experiences and interests. Avoid asking super serious, out of place, invasive questions, and discussing past relationships, nothing will turn your date off more than the thought that you are comparing them to an ex.

These tips are all important things that will help you knock date night out of the park. Remember, be your best self and have a great time!