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518 Main St, Evansville, Indiana 47708, USA
Detailed Information

We bring a fine, healthy, authentic Korean dining experience to Downtown Evansville and throughout the entire Tri-State, we plates up a variety of Korean barbecue and Korean wing dishes, as well as fresh sushi rolls. Our unique dining experience features K-POP music videos playing at all booths.

What Makes Gangnam Unique?
All of our sauces, meat marinades, kimchi, and other banchans are made from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients. We not only provide tasty food but also focus on dietary health. We do not use MSG or other unnatural flavor enhancers. This allows us to cater to the needs of our customers, who request for gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan options, and much more. Simply put, our passion can be tasted in the food we make.

Are Gangnam’s Recipes Authentic?
The recipes come from a lineage of chefs from owner Joe Kim’s maternal side of the family. Those family secrets are handed down throughout the generations from mothers to daughters. Korean restaurants all have different tastes. We hold our own. Come join us for the ultimate Korean dining experience.